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Welcome Blackbird Animal Health!

Blackbird Animal Health is a small veterinary practice located in Brunswick, Maine. Started in 2021, Blackbird Animal Health is the product of Dr. Menolly Cote's years of experience as an Elite Fear Free Certified Professional. Dr. Menolly Cote was the driving force behind the certification of the first Fear Free Practice in the state of Maine. She continues this passion with Blackbird Animal Health. Our care is based on a foundation of trust and respect - with you and your pet. Dr. Menolly Cote and her staff will work with your pet to find handling patterns and routines that allow your pet to have a choice in their care. With careful guidance and structured training, your pet can learn to love coming to the vet!

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Why Us?

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    Individualized Care

    We treat each pet as an individual. This means medicine and handling tailored to your pet’s individual needs and lifestyle.

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    There’s no “out back” with us. We do everything with you present so you know your pet is getting the best care and feels safe during the process.

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    Fear Free Elite Certified

    Our staff has been Fear Free certified for many years and helped to certify the first Fear Free Practice in Maine.

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    We are a small practice. You will always know who you’re working with and we’ll know who you are too!

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Our Clients say...

My poor pup’s chronic allergy/yeast/skin issues began over 6 years ago. When Zoey was about 2, her ears and paws began irritating her and she would scratch and lick until she bled. Eventually the irritation moved to her entire body, inside and out. Over the years she’s lost weight, most of her hair, and her joy. I have seen more than 10 different vets, including specialists, and spent countless dollars only to be left frustrated and alone with a sick and miserable dog. Then came Dr. Menolly Cote. Within one visit we finally got not just the care I had been searching for but also the answers! Every vet before Dr. Cote had a different explanation for my dog’s issues and another very expensive, harmful medication for her to take. I love that Dr. Cote took the time to research diets (and any other question I have about alternative treatments) and was able to provide us with evidence-based solutions. After a few weeks on her new diet, supplements, and probiotics Zoey’s chronic issues began clearing. We are able to keep the symptoms of her allergies in check through this and regular bathing – no more harmful steroids, pharmaceuticals, and overuse of antibiotics! Zoey has gained more than 15 pounds, her coat has regrown, and she’s happy, loving, and energetic. I will follow Dr. Cote to the ends of the earth! Not to mention the whole staff at Blackbird is so wonderful with Zoey. She LOVES going to the vet!

Marie B.

For the past two years we struggled every time we had to bring our dog to the vet. He was terrified. He weighs 85 pounds and is quite a sweet dog at home. No matter how many drugs and what combination his previous vet gave him it was awful. The drugs were never enough, we had to muzzle him there and it took 4 of us to try to control him. My husband and I felt terrible every time he had an appointment. We are so grateful to have found Dr. Cote. I was very nervous when he had his first appointment with her knowing what he had been through before. She knew exactly what medicines to prescribe him, had great ideas on how to keep his fear level down, and a great plan for the entire visit. She gave him shots, did a physical, treated an ear infection, and took blood. He was sedated and giving him the shot for the sedation even went well. I was thrilled at how great it went. She and her assistant Jessica were very attentive to Bailey’s needs during the visit, explained everything really well, and even checked in on him the next day to be sure everything was going well. Dr. Cote is amazing. I have hope that one day we will be able to bring him to the vets for anything and he will feel safe and comfortable there.

Chris McF.

Dr. Cote and Jess combine expert clinical knowledge with unparalleled compassion for both pets and their owners. Dr. Cote has supported both us and our babies through routine care, emergencies and major surgery and we trust her completely. Outstanding communication skills and the ability to engage with pets and their owners are just a few of the reasons we recommend Blackbird without hesitation.


Dr. Cote treats my animals individually. So many places look at an animal and see the breed or the species and lump them together and treat them as such. Dr Cote takes the time to learn about each animal and their owners (which is very important!) and what works for them. She also doesn’t do just the bare minimum for diagnostics - she makes sure she has the whole picture of what is going on with your animal, which is so much beneficial in the long run, especially if you’re dealing with chronic issues.

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